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Grow your clinic through your website

Expand your clinic through an optimized website, automate bookings, and payment portal. 

Digial clinic

Grow your business by reaching, attracting and retaining patients through an easy to use online booking tool, payment portals and a website.

Be Createch provides you with versatile digital solutions that provide decreased administrative overhead, boosting profits and outstanding healthcare delivery. 

Online presence is increasingly crucial to the success of your medical clinic. 


Sign-up with Be Createch Clinic Solutions 


Optimized Custom

made website

A credible and patient focused website providing your service offering, treatments, and testimonials. 


booking system

For both your staff and patients, we provide an easy to use tool to help manage calendars, attendance and appointments. 



Through your personalize dashboard, manage your entire business with payment and payouts - offering flexible payment options for your patients.  



Access and manage your financial and accounting details online anywhere. Customized log-in access and privileges for staff and accountants.

Own your

single dashboard

Everything we create is managed through a single dashboard. You have access  to tools and self-serve to manage everything yourself. 


Your website and online tools are cyber protected. From threat prevention to real-time detection and rapid response - we take care of it all. 

Appointment Software
Personalized Experience

Your complete online scheduling tool




  • Patients can book their own appointment online

  • You can manage calendar and attendance for staff and patients

  • Review analytics data to better track your business 

  • Accessible from any device

Clinic website.png


Easy to use scheduling platform

Clean, simple and professional all -in-one booking scheduling solution. 

  • Display service offering, appointment time and pricing

  • Live chat availability which also turns leads into clients

  • Collect information with custom booking forms

  • Offer waitlists and manage your attendance

  • Send email booking reminders

Online Scheduling
Calendar Management




Manage all your calendar from one dashboard. A flexible tool supporting your business operations and management. 

  • Set default business hours

  • Schedule around your real-time availability

  • Sync your teams calendars

  • Auto adjust booking for times zones for online appointments for patients

  • Create customized booking policies including cancellations

Financial Solutions


Payment &

Financial Solutions

Offer flexible payment options for your patients online. You can connect to your payment provide and manage all transactions and financial from one integrated dashboard. 

  • Connect Stripe as a payment provider

  • Accept payment in 40+ currencies

  • Send patients price quotes, invoices and receipts

  • Integrate with Quickbooks, a professional accounting tool

Staff Management




Streamline and better manage staff timetable and schedules. Customize roles and permission so staff can manage their own clients sessions and bookings. 

  • Set customized roles and permissions

  • Add staff members' hours

  • Assign and book appointments

  • Sync all staff calendars for an easy overview

  • Manage and view all staff schedules


Why Be Createch gives you the best choice?

In today's digital era, you have many options available to you. However,  when a patient reaches for their phone and googles you, are they getting the best you have to offer. 

Having a premiere clinic means that you provide exceptional experience from start to finish. Your patients ease, and convenience is key to your success. 

As a clinic owner, a digital website solution in a packaged subscription format will allow you to refocus on other parts of your business knowing that your website needs are being take care of. 

In addition, when making a decision there are a vast array of companies. Some may charge a large lump some fee, or you may receive a very low cost to build a website but either of those options will leave you with solutions that are still not what you need to succeed. 

What you'll see and receive

  • A basic requirement in today's world, you'll receive a smart reliable website. 

  • Leave your appointment schedule to your patients with a self-serve patient booking systems. That means your staff doesn't have to plan and schedule patients anymore. 

  • Improved internal time management process. You'll no longer wonder who is available as it's all tracked from your own personal log-ins but synced for easy all access viewing.  

  • Still having patients booking in the office, that's totally fine! Our systems will sync up and work together.

  • Manage all of your financial payments online or office and provide access to your accountants - which means the manual effort for you has been removed. 

  • Single dashboard view so you can see, manage, review and have full line of site of how your clinic is doing. 


Using the Best Technology

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Tech Logo-06.png
  • Best Value

    Digital clinic

    Every month
    • Responsive Website including optimised design
    • Up to 25 stock image and 5 video gallery
    • Search Engine Optimization Setup in google
    • Hosting Services
    • One Year Hosting
    • SSl Security Certificate
    • Basic Maintenance
    • Allow up to 15 email users
    • Single dashboard
    • Booking and staff management
    • Online payment available
    • Finance integration


They are very dedicated to producing quality website, that really effect my buisness. i would like to recomend Be createch team.

Dr. Hafza Al Mansoury

The Team in Be Createch created an attractive and interactive website with amazing booking funcuality that it really change the customer experiance.

Dr. Bashar Shammas

I Had a great experiance with Be Createch team, They created an intelligent website backed with great system made our life easier

Dr. Steven Stalk

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